KMC Empowerment Infomercial

KMC Empowerment is an empowerment coaching, leadership training, and speaker organization that helps individuals or organizations achieve their full potential.



To help individuals or corporations to believe, inspire, and be goal driven in pursuit toward excellence. In order to do this, KMC Empowerment, LLC will provide empowering speeches, training, and coaching to make you or your organization a success. KMC Empowerment's goal is to provide you practical concepts that will propel you or your organization to the next level.

KMC Empowerment's vision is to be the leading empowerment speaker and executive coach helping individuals or organizations achieve their full potential. In order to do this attention to detail, clear concise concepts, and SMART goals will be applied and demonstrated for all customers.

Key Training Points


  • Attributes of a successful DRIVEN Leader
  • BIG dreams starts with you!
  • Inspirational “Faith Based” Leadership
  • ​KMC Empowerment Elite Training Program (ETP)
  • Series of John C. Maxwell Trainings
  • The 3 E's of Leadership
  • The 5 P's of Leadership
  • What's Your Leadership Style

Kevin M. Coleman is the founder of KMC Empowerment where he provides empowering speeches, leadership training, and executive coaching to help make individuals and organizations successful.  KMC Empowerment has always been a passion of Kevin.  Kevin knew that he had much to offer those in leadership positions and future leaders to help make organization not only survive but thrive!  This starts with building relationships and partnerships.  Therefore, KMC Empowerment was established to help promote professionalism, work ethic, passion, and relationship building techniques that will inspire individuals and organizations to strive toward excellence at all times.

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