Kevin M. Coleman is the founder of KMC Empowerment....

​Excellent presentation! I really learned so much regarding the 5 P's of leadership.

                                                     J. Sharpe, U.S. Government

About the Founder

Kevin M. Coleman is the founder of KMC Empowerment where he provides empowering speeches, leadership training, and coaching to help make individuals and organizations successful.  KMC Empowerment has always been a passion of Kevin.  Kevin knew that he had much to offer those in leadership positions to help make organizations not only survive but thrive!  This starts with building relationships and partnerships.  Therefore, KMC Empowerment was established to help promote professionalism, work ethic, passion, and relationship building techniques that will inspire individuals and organizations to strive toward excellence at all times.                  

Kevin also helps the U.S. Government by fostering great interpersonal communication between clients and customers.

Kevin served as the President of the Benjamin Banneker Chapter (BBC) of Blacks In Government (BIG). Kevin is dedicated in demonstrating the BBC Theme in all aspects of his life “Believe, Inspire, and be Goal Driven”. While serving as the BBC President the Benjamin Banneker Chapter was awarded two Agency Impact Awards, for doing outstanding work for his Organization and BIG. In addition, Kevin was awarded the BIG Region XI President Leadership Award. Kevin was also awarded the Professional Leadership Award for work he has done in professionally. Kevin has also served as the BBC Treasurer for 5 years. Lastly, Kevin served as the BIG Region XI Council Financial Secretary.

Kevin serves as an officer at his local Church.  He is also a Class Leader for 15 families and serves as Chaplain for the Class Leader Ministry and Steward Board. In addition, he is actively involved in the TV, Health, and Outreach ministries of his Church. 

His interests are empowerment speaking, training, outreach, coaching, reading, writing, and spending time with family.