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Provides inspiring training that will expand the mind of the audience and help shape their perspective on how to follow, lead, and soar to the next level of professional greatness. 

Masterclass "Everyone Communicates - Few Connect" (Thursdays begining June 30, 2022) at 6:00  PM  

Provide you or your organization practical concepts that will help you make decisions to solve problems, improve service, and improve performance.  Which will directly help propel you and your organization.


Motivate. Lead.


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We help promote professionalism, work ethic, passion, and relationship building techniques that will inspire individuals and organizations to strive toward excellence at all times.

Masterclass  "Developing the Leader Within You!" (Wednesdays begining June 29, 2022) at 6:00 PM  

D.I.S.C. Assessment and Debrief


Leadership Masterclass (5 Weeks VIRTUAL)

Kevin M. Coleman

KMC Empowerment provides executive coaching, empowering speeches, and professional development training to make individuals and organizations successful.  This is done through inspiring leaders to define clear vision, mission, and value systems that leads to exponential personal, professional, and business growth.  

Personality Assessment (30 Pages) with 30 minute Debrief ​

Communication Masterclass (5 Weeks VIRTUAL)

 We empower you and your team through powerful inspirational 

 coaching and training that will yield exponential results in performance!