GOAL SETTING  "Virtual Training"

".....  I am more inspired to go into the new year as I think about the challenges you gave us for homework!" - Ms. M. Spencer.  Leader in the Science Profession 

Goal Setting 2022: Eight (8) Critical Steps in Achieving your Goals!  

Do you need to learn how to set and achieve your 2022 goals? Has your senior leader asked you if your goals are SMART? If you want to measure and evaluate your progress and make an impact, you are in the right place!  In the workshop Goal Setting 2022: 8 Critical Steps in Achieving Your Goals, the audience will participate in an interactive training, that will help in setting goals that will make it one of the easier things you do in your life. You know you are good at your job, so writing down thoughts on what you will tackle in the next 3-6 months should come naturally, right? Too often we set goals that are vague, undefined ideas about what we want to accomplish in our lives. Without concrete steps to achieve those goals, and without setting measurable metrics, it can be impossible to know if you have reached them.  In this training your problem will be solved, and you will be ready to be a Goal Setting expert in your personal and professional life!

Learning Points:

  •  Explore why goal setting at work and in your personal life is important and worth your time
  • Define common goal setting methods like FAST, PACT, and SMART
  • Master the New SMART’er goal setting framework
  • Write out your current top 3-5 goals while incorporating intentional language
  • Create a realistic plan to meet your newly set goals, and hold yourself accountable
  • Communicate effectively about your goals with your team
  • Use a goal setting template to capture the full scope of your current and future goals

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